Monday, July 12, 2010

Grease monkey

I was playing around with and saw that they have integrated with 100's of content distribution platforms including blogger so decided to try it out. It's a great site to find some amazing grease monkey scripts which leads me to a script that my younger brother wrote to find deals on Amazon that you can install from here:

Amazon Discounts

Don't know what grease monkey is ?
It's an amazing firefox add on that lets you tweak websites to fix/add functionality using scripts. You can read more about it here. is a repository of all such scripts. You can find scripts to tweak your gmail inbox to display weather alerts when it get's severe ( I use this one ). Feel free to check it out !

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mississippi Burning

One of the best movies I have seen after a long time. Mississippi Burning is a 1988 crime drama film based on the FBI investigation into the real-life murders of three civil rights workers in the U.S. state of Mississippi in 1964.

Information About The Real Life Case And How It Was Resolved

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Lost and found

Even after a week, it feels unbelievable. Can't believe how incredibly lucky I am. Lost my wedding band twice but it came back to me both the times. It was as if the ring was wanting to be found.
Forgetting it in a restroom in a cabin or dropping it in a middle of nowhere on a volcanic mountain was not enough to separate us.
It sure is my Prrrecious ... the one ring to rule all ! ... well, maybe not all but at least me ;-)

When you have awesome friends and some luck on your side ... what else do you need ?

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hamare profile pe aate hain woh....

Latest SMS making the rounds:

hamare profile pe aate hain woh....
(zara gor farmayein..)
hamare profile pe aate hain woh............
aur ek scrap bhi nahi chod jate hai woh....
(kya baat hai....)

itna bhi nahi maloom zalim ko....
(baat ki gahraayee dekhiye)

recent visiters main dikh jaate hain woh
(kamal ho gaya)!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Red Blossom Cherry !

Awesome story, great actors and rocking music. This is one of the best short films I have ever seen :

Right Here Right Now :

Saturday, June 17, 2006


A nice forward ... Reminds us of those engineering days.... 4 years of non-stop of what follows... day after day...

Engineering Dialogues

1. On being Late -

-- (standing at the door... gesturing to a friend) "Andar aaon kya? Kab chalu hua?"

-- "Attendance ho gaya kya??"

-- "I was searching for the Classroom"

-- "Train was late"

2. During the lecture

-- "mera assignment tere paas hai??"

-- "Kya bore ho raha hai. Bola tha bunk karenge."

-- "Heads, we go home, Tails, we go home now!!!"

-- "Journal sheet hai??"

3. Lab

-- "Expt. 2 likha??"

-- "Idhar Karna kya hai??"

4. Unit Test

-- "Oh Shit!!!!!! Itna syllabus cover ho gaya?"

-- "Aaj kounsa test hai?"

5. For attendance (less attendance isliye attendance badane ke liye bahane)

-- "I forgot the I-card , so watchman didn't let me in"

6. Late submission of assignments

-- "Maine ukko bola thaa ki copy karke mera assgnment bhi saath mein submit kar dena"

-- "Last date extend hua thaa"

-- "I didn't know the last date"

7. Late submission of Journal (for printouts)

-- "Format pataa nahi thaa"

-- "Printer is not working today"

-- "Friday ko light nahi thee"

8. VIVA (after exam)

-- "Yeh bhi syllabus mein thaa kya?"

-- "Achha !!! ye aise hota hai kya?"

-- "Ye subject ka reference book kounsa hai"

9. VIVA (b4 exam)

-- "Submission ab tak hua nahi hai , VIVA kya Kjaq doonga"

-- "Dekh Boss!! external bhi aadmi hai. Usko pata hai students ka ab tak preparation nahi hua hai"

10. VIVA (General)

-- "Dekh , tu jo bhi padhega , woh (external) tereko woh nahi poochhnewaala, then watz the point"

-- "Roll no. 1 aur 2 ko wapas bulaaya hai"

-- "External is asking Bermuda Triangle ka Magnetic force kitna hai"

-- "Ye kounse subject mein aata hai"

-- "Aaj kounsa Viva hai?"

11. Submission

-- "Ye bhi chhapna hai kya?"

-- "Iska bhi print-out lena hai kya?"

-- "Tujhe Sir ka sign aata hai kya?"

12. A conversation:

"Ye tune kya likha hai????"
"Jo word samajh mein aa raha hai woh likh, jo nahi samajh mein aa raha hai uska drawing nikal" "Phir bhi, kuch to idea hoga??"
"Maine uska likha hai, mera assignment check ho gaya, tu bhi wohi kar. Jo word samajh mein aa raha hai woh likh , jo nahi samajh mein aa
raha hai woh chhod de."

13. Exam

-- "Jo (mujhe)aata hai, woh (paper mein)aata nahi hai; jo nahi aata hai woh aata hai"

-- "ye question 2 saal se nahi poochha hai"

-- "ye last time hi poochha thaa"

-- "tere paas is ke notes hai??"

-- "woh chapter... mark weightage 6 marks... (facial ex-pressions speaks the story)"

-- "nahi samjha to rat le"

-- (when someone is intensively doing his last revision) "Yeh nahi aayega !!!"